Best 5 Free VPN For PC | Windows, Mac (Updated 2024)

Best Free VPN For PC

Are you looking for the best free VPN for PC? BILLZONTHESTREETS has taken time out to test a couple of free VPN for PCs available on the open-source market to narrow down this list.

Searching through hundreds of questionable apps to find a good product when seeking the best free VPN for PCs can be time-consuming. However, having to download a free VPN for Windows comes with a lot of restrictions compared to a paid VPN service.

Just before you find solace in using a free VPN for a PC, it is critical to understand how it operates. Understanding how providers can afford to offer a free service in the first place matters. Also, knowing what privacy and functionality compromises you’ll need to make is crucial and will undoubtedly influence your choice of a free VPN for the PC you use.

Downsides To Using Free VPN For PCs

Free VPN services are free, but there is a reason they come free, and that reason could be detrimental to you. Logically, the provider will be making money in some other way, either by selling your browsing data to other parties or by intrusive advertising. The intrusive ads defeat the purpose of getting a free VPN for PCs initially (privacy).

Free VPN services also frequently have data use and speed restrictions, making them useless for torrenting, streaming video, or adding an extra layer of trustworthy protection to your regular online activities. Additionally, don’t anticipate the same level of accessible support or server selection that you receive with the paid services. Only a few countries would have servers available for free.

Before we get into our list of the best free VPN for PCs, it’s important to note that these paid VPNs will provide you with far greater performance and protection for a monthly fee of as little as £2.

The 5 Best Free VPN For PCs 2024

Proton Free VPN For PC

Proton Free VPN For PC
Source Credit: Proton

Proton VPN is one of our top free VPN for PCs currently. This is partially due to the well-balanced combination of features, power, and app quality. However, it’s also because the service doesn’t slam you with a ton of restrictions and limitations to get you to upgrade. You could use this free VPN for as long as you choose to.

With Proton VPN, there are no data restrictions. Proton VPN Free offers limitless data, allowing you to use it as frequently as you’d like. This is in contrast to practically all other free VPNs that may give you 500MB to 10GB per month. Simply join if you sense a risk or are unsure, because Proton VPN Free is always available.

Additionally, Proton has not penalised free users by omitting essential functionality. Proton VPN Free includes all the key privacy features you require to keep safe online, unlike some free providers who forgo the kill switch, WireGuard, and possibly even support.

For the majority of users, Proton VPN Free delivers almost everywhere: it’s quick, secure, and packed with useful features while being simple to use. Try this free VPN first if you require one.

Windscribe VPN For PC

Windscribe Free VPN For PC
Source Credit: Windscribe

Excellent customer support is a feature of both Windscribe’s premium and free VPN for PC services. It is strong, packed with features, and a fantastic option for people looking for versatility in their free VPN.

Although the 10GB hard-and-fast limit is stricter than some free VPN for PCs, it should still be more than plenty for most users. Unusual for this industry, you can install and utilise the same plan on as many devices as you require.

Privado VPN For PC

Source Image: Privado

Although Privado VPN is new, it has already earned a name for itself, particularly when it comes to free VPN for PCs. Privado VPN Free can unblock regional Netflix material, which is something that very few other providers can achieve.

You’ll be able to use the 10GB of unlimited data to its full advantage, and if you run out of space, you’ll still be able to browse privately at a 1Mbps speed, even though it will be much slower. Even though it can only be accessed via a Dutch “emergency” server, this is still an improvement over nothing.

However, inside your 10GB, you’ll have a good selection of servers to choose from, usually around 12 servers in 9 nations. In comparison to most providers, including Proton VPN Free, this is a much better spread, so Privado VPN might be a better option if you want to travel extensively.

The streaming results we described above, however, were unquestionably the feature that stood out in our testing. You can access BBC iPlayer, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, and US Netflix. That performance is exceptional for free providers and superior to that of many expensive VPNs.

There are still restrictions, of course. The apps themselves aren’t quite as comprehensive as Proton’s, and you can only use your plan on one device. Additionally, there is no impartial privacy audit.

Atlas VPN For PC

Source Credit: Atlas

Atlas VPN has been tried and found to be a reasonable option. The same is true of its free VPN.

Atlas VPN Free is a handy little tool for increasing privacy and changing your location to access geo-blocked websites. It has a respectable bandwidth cap of 10GB per month and a whopping 2GB per day on Mac.

The fact that you don’t need to enter your email to download or connect will excite privacy enthusiasts. With a range of 3 servers, you won’t be travelling far, but it’s sufficient to get by. VPN For PC

Source Credit:

While wasn’t quite up there yet in our previous assessments, it has evolved as a service and is still well worth investigating, especially as a free VPN. Free VPN for PC has a tonne of customisable features, all of which are accessible to free users. This makes it ideal for people who enjoy going about their settings and features. This contains a kill switch, a reorderable favourites list for servers, split tunnelling, Stealth Guard, a plethora of protocols, and more.

You gain access to five P2P-friendly locales after installing the program, including the east and west coasts of the USA, Canada, Germany, and the Netherlands, and a respectable 10GB of data per month. Not the finest available, but it’s adequate for the majority of users and helpful as a torrenting VPN.

In Conclusion

You can connect to a network of VPN servers using a free VPN for PCs. When it comes to free VPNs, there is no such thing as free. Many free VPNs sell their users’ hidden IP addresses, personal information, or even their web traffic. They are sold to outside businesses to make money off of their service.

We, therefore, advise using a paid VPN that includes a money-back guarantee. Paid VPNs have strict privacy policies that protect your personal information. They ensure that it is never sold or otherwise disclosed to outside parties. You can use their services at no cost for a predetermined amount of time, thanks to their money-back promises.

Free VPN FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How does a free VPN work?

Free VPN for PCs creates a virtual tunnel through the internet by encrypting your data while it is in transit. Your data packets are so isolated from the numerous others surrounding them that they travel many miles from your location to the service’s exit nodes.

The sender and intended recipient’s routing information is concealed in addition to the data being encrypted, as it would be during a typical secure web session. The scrambling and unscrambling of your data by a VPN can occasionally cause internet traffic to slacken to a stop.

The best free VPN will minimise this speed drop by having quick servers linked to massive data pipelines. Additionally, they have tens of thousands of servers spread throughout dozens of nations, across the globe.

Are VPNs completely free?

It all depends on what you consider to be “free.”

There are several free VPNs available that won’t cost you any money. However, you may pay for access by viewing advertisements or even unintentionally providing your data to be sold.

The finest free VPN services are typically “free versions” designed to give you a sample of a paid product. This is provided for testing purposes before we request that you part with your money. The top companies, such as Proton VPN and Windscribe, encourage customers to upgrade by imposing data caps and server restrictions. Many people do, and this covers the whole expenses of the business.

We recommend that you avoid any VPN company without a paid version. This speaks volumes about where they get their funding from.

Is a Free VPN For PC Safe?

Free VPNs simply aren’t as safe.

VPN services have high expenses to cover to maintain the gear and knowledge required for large networks and secure users. As a VPN user, you may choose to pay for services in 2 ways. Either with money for a premium VPN service or with data for free services. Unfortunately, that’s how it works.


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