How to Get a Record Deal : 5 Things You Need to Do

How to Get a Record Deal

Knowing how to get a record deal in the music industry is not as easy as you think. It takes more than talent to get a record deal, and I will explain it all below. This article gives you tips on taking centre stage in the music scene.

Getting a record deal is the first of every upcoming artist’s dreams. They want to top the charts, have sold-out concerts, and be the toast of the general public. It’s no crime to dream big, but it takes a lot to achieve those scenes you dream about.

Firstly, you need to be a marketable artist; see tips here. It is never a straightforward ride. You have to start somewhere, right? To get to the top, you need to have a record deal with a record company/label. That is the first step (but not literally the first step) to achieving your music dreams.

Record labels/companies see something in you before they sign you up. Most of the views they look at are obviously from a business angle. Many a time, upcoming artists are only concerned about what the labels have in store for them.

They need to start looking beyond that school of thought and think of what they can do for the labels too. The music business should be a win-win situation. I guess that is not mostly the case these days, right?

Want to know how to get a record deal? Continue on this thread and see tips on getting a record deal in the music industry.

Tips on How to Get a Record Deal in the Music Industry

1. Build Your Music Career Value!

The fact that you can write lines that rhyme on a piece of paper, have the best vocals there are, or possess the appearance and stage presence associated with stars, does not necessarily make you worthy of an investment.

Yes, record label executives do not just sign any upcoming artist who possesses the above listed. Having these characteristics is just a small piece of the puzzle. You need to possess a wide range of abilities to make these record guys want to invest in your brand.

Honestly, that is how to get a record deal easily. Bringing something to the table other than your outright musical abilities makes you stand out from the rest. Build yourself!

2. Be Risk-Free!

The number two tip on how to get a record deal involves risks. You have to BE RISK-FREE. No record label would want to sign a liability even though they pay the bills. For some executives, it’s not always about the money.

Protecting their brand is a big deal for them, and as such, they don’t play. Be free from controversies, even if they make you popular (for the wrong reasons). Teach yourself the basics of the art, as it saves the label time and money by training you on what you ought to know.

In doing this, you tend to portray a business-minded character, and obviously, that is what these label executives love.

3. Let Your Value be Transparent!

Yes, you know you have what it takes to succeed in the music industry. The question is, do we (the label executives) know? After building up your value, you need to let it show. That is how to get a record deal.

Let the record companies know what they stand to gain/lose by working/not working with you. The higher you place yourself based on your value, the higher your chances of becoming an investment.

4. Bring More to The Table!

By this, I mean being more of a partner than just an employee. The record company needs to know that you will bring more to the table. By bringing more, I mean helping them achieve their goals while they elevate you career-wise in return. This is more like a win-win situation. BE A PARTNER, NOT JUST AN EMPLOYEE.

5. You Have No Entitlements!

This last tip sounds off, but yes, you are entitled to nothing. You are not entitled to a record deal just because you are a singer or rapper. You need to earn your keep. Every step you intend to use to earn your keep needs to be shown to the record company/label.

By so doing, you appear trustworthy and business-minded, which in turn gives off positive vibes. Who wouldn’t want to work with positive energy?

Last Words

These few tips above will help you get a record deal if you abide by them. Other than this, you need to promote your music to gain the recognition you need to climb up the music ladder.

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