Free Music Upload Sites in Nigeria (Music Promotion websites)

Free Music Upload Websites in Nigeria

Are you looking for free music upload sites in Nigeria to upload your tracks? This article is for you.

Many a time, people ask the question, where can I upload my songs for free download in Nigeria? This question is pertinent in the minds of the upcoming artistes. We at billzonthestreets are here to provide answers.

By popular demand, I have taken out time to make a short list of some of the websites where you can upload your music for free. Better yet, they can also be referred to as free music promotion sites.

The big shot you have got at being heard is promoting your music. That’s the only chance you get and you can do that by uploading your songs online. This helps your sound reach your fan base.

The websites and forums listed below are absolutely free except for some registration. That shouldn’t be a problem for all users, right? It is necessary so you can track your sessions pretty good.

Without further ado, see the top 5 free music upload sites in Nigeria below:

Top 5 Free Music Upload Sites in Nigeria


Soundcloud is a music streaming service that allows a user to listen to music for free. Long as it involves music streaming, it is certain there would be music sharing as well. Hence, there’s definitely a chance to upload your songs for free and share them.

The platform has an active listening community especially here in Nigeria. This, in turn, poses a great avenue for upcoming artistes to be heard when they upload their songs for free. It’s a win-win situation on this platform. You grow the listening community by uploading your songs and also get a chance to be heard.

Soundcloud services artistes all over the world, so bear in mind your music might just reach a large audience. It also has an automated radio station that selects tracks at random based on set parameters. If you’re lucky, you might just be in the mix.

You can visit and give it a try.


free music upload sites in Nigeria

Talk about a music streaming website in Nigeria and Reverbnation pops up among the top 5. You can upload your music for free in this chat-like forum. Furthermore, artistes get ranked based on their performance with respect to streaming or downloads.

One of the perks of doing well on the charts here is that you become open to music scouts. As a music scout, I would tour platforms like this, depending on the kind of prodigy I am looking for.

Links can be embedded to your Facebook and Twitter page so that anyone can follow you or like your content directly from your own artiste page. To stay relevant, you have to update your activity charts. This helps your fanbase to know what’s up.

This is a big streaming site that accepts all forms of music following. Scouts, show promoters, etc all have access to this forum and look to it to recruit. Apart from just uploading your songs and directing your own traffic to your page, Reverbnation also offers premium service for music promotion.

They offer you the first few days for free though and a further 30 day trial period.

All it takes to upload your songs for free on Reverbnation is to register and create an account. It has a facebook linkup which automatically fills in some of your data.

Visit now to start your rise to stardom.


This self-styled Nigerian user-generated platform is the biggest in the country when you talk about the entertainment niche. Currently, with almost 2 million likes on Facebook and still counting, Naijapals is surely one of the free music upload sites in Nigeria.

They have a large following, which translates to a large audience for your music. You can not pass up this opportunity to join the moving train. At Naijapals, every member of the community is music-minded, which is good for the community.

Visit them to open an account today and rise up the food chain with respect to music.


This is also a top music blog in Nigeria. I am certain they are one of the largest when it comes to the most visited music site in Nigeria. Their previous mode of operation involved sending your songs to the administrator of the site. This will go through serious vetting before being uploaded to the site.

However, things are moving fast in this digital age hence the inclusion of the platform. This is a self-styled version of the site where upcoming artistes upload their tracks to the site themselves.

Asides just uploading your songs, you get real-time statistics on downloads and streams as regards your songs. Mynotjustok is a music community where music lovers can interact, post comments on tracks, and even vote tracks.

Sign up to and promote your music right now.


This is a new music-hosting service of Nigerian origin. It is meant for upcoming artistes as well as established artistes only under the gospel genre. Contents of Christian musicians keep them running and they are here to stay, after about a year of restructuring.

Right now, Christian artistes can upload their songs for free all by themselves, as against the previous method of submitting your track to the site administrator for review. Just create a profile and start promoting your music by uploading it.

Each of your songs gets a unique page, showing its stats and comments. You can have followers who get notified anytime you post new content.

What are you waiting for? Visit now, as it is one of the sites to upload gospel songs.

The sites listed above are the top 5 free music upload sites in Nigeria. However, they are not the only music streaming sites available for music upload. There are several other sites where you can upload your music for free.

Some of the other platforms that can count as free music upload sites in Nigeria include the following:

This is more like a sister-arm to Nigeria’s foremost news website, This site allows users to upload music by submitting to the site administrator. I checked it out and found out users do not upload music themselves. It still has a large following with respect to entertainment.

A couple more others include:,,,

Having listed most of the free music upload sites in Nigeria, It is high time upcoming artistes tap into this market and promote their music.

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