Nigerian Restaurants in London | See the Best 5 (Updated 2024)

If you are just visiting the UK and want to know the best Nigerian restaurants in London, read this article. We have taken the time to prepare a list showing the best restaurants for Nigerian dishes in London.

Nigerian Restaurants in London

Ever been touched down in the United Kingdom, and you are looking for the best Nigerian restaurants in London to get a taste of Nigerian dishes? Look no further, as Billzonthestreets brings you good news from the streets of London.

This article is set out to be your spotter. We have done our investigations and have outlined the best restaurants in London, where you can enjoy Nigerian dishes. This will give you a taste of home and make you feel like you never left.

Let us cut to the chase and list the best Nigerian restaurants in London. There are a couple of them scattered across London, but we would focus on the best 10. Let’s go!

5 Best Nigerian Restaurants in London, United Kingdom

From this point, the information you see here is a result of research and ratings from previous facility users. The list is in no particular order.

805 Restaurants

Nigerian Restaurants in London

805 restaurants would definitely pop up when talking about the best Nigerian restaurants in London. They are probably the best African restaurants in the UK and West Africa. 805 Restaurant is a large contemporary restaurant in a light and airy setting for modern Nigerian and West African dishes.

It is located at Bowness House, 805 Old Kent Rd, London SE15 1NX, United Kingdom, and renders the following services: outdoor seating, dining in, delivery services, and takeaway options. They are open Monday through Sunday from 12 pm until 12 am. Check out reviews of their services.

Enish Nigerian Restaurant

Nigerian Restaurants in London

With five thriving branches across the UK & one in Dubai, Enish Restaurant has been serving authentic cuisine for almost a decade. Preparing dishes from the diverse culture of Nigeria, Enish brings you a real taste of the country and a special twist to some of your favourite dishes.

They are located in the United Kingdom in Lewisham, Finchley Road, Croydon, Brixton, Ilford, and Old Kent Road. Services rendered include; dine-in, takeout, and delivery services. They are open Monday through Sunday, between 1 pm and 12 am. See reviews.

Nikki’s Place Restaurant

Located at 282 Barking Rd., London, E13 8HR, United Kingdom, Nikki’s Place is fast becoming one of the best Nigerian restaurants in London. Nikki’s place renders dine-in services, as well as a no-contact delivery service.

Freshly cooked, authentic Naija food is what you will get when you visit. The reviews are very good, too. I’m certain that soon enough, they’ll be in the top spot. They are open all through the week, from 3 pm through 10 pm.

Eko Wine Bar & Restaurant

Situated at 160 Homerton High St., London, E9 6JA, United Kingdom, they are surely repping the Lagos (Eko) brand. If you prefer music with your cuisine, Friday nights are the best times to visit.

Popular Nigerian music fills the air, thus giving you the feeling you get a while back home. There’s a variety of dishes to choose from, and trust me when I say every dish will be a hit back to back.

You can either dine in, take your meals away, or have them delivered to you. Check out their reviews.

Lekki Restaurant and Bar

Lekki restaurant and bar opened in May 2010 and is located at 323 Kingsland Rd., London, E8 4DL, United Kingdom. Since opening, they pride themselves, on serving both quality interpretations of classic dishes and daring new ventures into the uncharted territories of food.

At this restaurant, you are sure to find popular Nigerian dishes. They are open all through the week, from 12 pm to 11 pm. Check out their ratings on Google and see reviews to help you decide if you will visit them.

Last Words

There are a couple more Nigerian restaurants in London that you could visit, if any of the above listed doesn’t cut it for you, or is farther away from you. Click this google link to see other Nigerian restaurants around your location in the UK.

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