By this time, When you see a square, Triangle and oval in an unusual pattern or a huge spherical ball with bundles of money in it, or even a blue sports suits with numbers on it, squid game comes to the mind. One of the most talked-about Netflix series in 2021.

I think a large percentage of the world’s population has seen it because it’s literary on everyone’s lips and all social media pages. So I joined the train and decided to see it. Talk about me not giving in easily to peer pressure WAS THE HYPE WORTH IT? Well….. whoever campaigned or was in charge of the marketing team for Squid game, had/has special skills because I found myself asking “Errmm….is this all? What’s new here? “ Maybe it’s because I’m familiar with movies having such intense life darting and creepy situations of “caught between the devil and the deep blue sea” kind of storylines. Owing to Movies like escape room, Truth or dare and series like Hunger games and Alice in a borderland.

If you’ve seen any of these, you’ll know squid games isn’t anything different or new though a little creepier and suspense filled moments that set your heart pumping louder than usual. Kudos to Hwang Dong-hyukat on that one. He did well in making my adrenaline jump very fast. A very important factor of horror or thriller story.

Another interesting thing about squid game is that, the actions and dialogues are straight to the point except when the other characters have their regular lives and they are not “gaming” .

Lessons to learn from Squid Game


Money unleashes a hidden part of humans. Money Intoxicates. Money is overpowering. In the horrendous and bloody scenes, I kept wondering the unusual desire that blinded those players from quitting the game but then… Money is such a strong and indispensable force humans can’t do without


There’s no mediocrity or slow pacedness on the journey of life. If you want to survive and get the best of life, You have to do something out of your comfort zone….. Even if it means displeasing yourself. Life doesn’t care. You either win over it in victory or it overwhelms and drowns you in misery Sometimes being tricky gets you to the top…playing by the book won’t get you anywhere. The world is a tough place and only the toughest contrives


This might sound rash but we owe no one our full trust. Squid game extensively revealed the theme of TRUST and betrayal. We Humans are naturally unpredictable. Even the ones we love most can betray us. Love everyone but follow your instincts always and don’t think humans are kind. God is the only kind being you should accord your full trust to


The purpose of the heart-wrenching game was to give the players a chance to exonerate themselves from financial debt. Not having financial independence or Owing a debt can cause anxiety and unstable emotions. To avoid being such state, always save for the rainy days ahead. Life can be very unpredictable sometimes


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