Omo Ghetto The Saga – Movie Review

 Omo Ghetto was one of the much anticipated Nollywood films in 2021

Okay…. The only reason I have to love Omo ghetto is that Funke Akindele starred in it. Whenever we see Funke on our screen, she never fails to prove her unique acting skills. Playing dual roles as Lefty and Ayomide, she gave a good performance in Omo Ghetto.

Omo ghetto is a Crime Comedy film that tells the story of a privileged but strong-headed Lefty, (Funke Akindele) Whose desire is to live her life with carefreeness and mingle with her Ghetto friends but her upper-class family would rather she lives a certain kind of lifestyle.

omo ghetto

The main character Lefty, is a carefree woman, who desires to be affectionately loved by Femi Stone ( Deyemi Okalawon) a notorious internet fraudster, and that desire lands her in trouble

What You Should Know About Omo Ghetto

The first few.. sorry…I meant the LONG MINUTES of this film will leave you bored.  They were too much-repeated emphasis making the story unnecessarily long and overstretched. This can leave you bored and lose interest. Sometimes I had myself talking to some characters like “Errmm…we get the idea. Can you please just go straight to the point? We have seen this in a previous scene already.

The exaggerated actions by some of the characters made the comedy look forced and unfunny. Aside from the forced comedy, the depictions of a Ghetto life was also exaggerated.

For a movie as long as two hours twenty-six minutes, I only got to understand the storyline after an hour and I kept asking myself what the main storyline was about? Who is the protagonist was and what is their goal? What are the obstacles likely to stop the protagonist? (That’s a major element of storytelling that hooks and ignites the curiosity of the audience)

Thankfully, The story finally hooked me in the second half of act two. It started making sense …


Down to the third act, we see scenes of stunts and upgraded fight scenes Nollywood has never done before. Kudos to Funke for hooking us spellbound on that third half. It was beautiful and that’s the only reason I’d rate this movie a 7/10…

It’s a movie infused in a rich blend of Yoruba language, Igbo, and Hausa language thereby portraying ethnic unity. Aside from the exaggerated actions, It was a relief to see Nollywood delving into something new and different


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